• Book Project (to appear 2021): Quality in Online Programs: Approaches and Practices in Higher Education (Download CfCh., PDF). Together with  Dr. Swapna Kumar, University of Florida, we will edit a book in the series “Leadership and Best Practices in Educational Technology Management” (Brill/Association for Educational Communications and Technology AECT).
  • “Open Education and Training –  New Learning for 21st Century Skills?” , April 21, 2021, Presentation at  Virtual Social Europe Days (VSED) “Challenges for Social Policy, Social Work, and Human Resource Management“, International Seminar April 19-22, 2021 due to Covid19 entirely online
  • Arnold, P. / Kumar, S. (2021, in press) Designing ‘Virtual Social Europe Days’ – An international collaborative seminar across closed borders. International Journal of Designs for Learning  (ISSN 2159-449X).
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